The Regional Social Development Committee (RSDC) was originally organized as an Ad Hoc Committee in February 1987 to undertake the preparatory and support activities related to the implementation of the Third Country Programme for Children (CPC III) in Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao and Cotabato City.

In June 1988, following the Regional Development Council decision to streamline its operation in the spirit of E.O. 308, the RSDC was reorganized to ensure immediate, responsive and synchronized action on significant policies and urgent matters concerning social development. Thus, the RSDC, chaired by NEDA XII and Vice-Chaired by DOLE XII became the mother committee of 7 social and 4 support committees.

The RSDC has undergone several reorganization processes to become effective and efficient in the implementation of regional social programs and projects. On August 13, 2001, with the issuance of Executive Order 325 , the RDC was reorganized once again. During this reorganization of the RDC, the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the sectoral committees were likewise elected from among the regular members of the Council.

However with the issuance of Executive Order 36 (Providing for the Reorganization of the Administrative Regions in Mindanao and For Other Purposes) on September 19, 2001 by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, it was imperative for the RDC XII to be reorganized for the second time on October 25, 2001 in Cotabato City. The newly constituted Council selected this time the new set of nominees for RDC XII Chair and Co-Chair. The new Council confirmed the Chairpersons of the various committees of RDC XII selected earlier.

The various sectoral committees, to ensure effective and efficient delivery of social services, have achieved significant and substantive accomplishments. It paved the way for improved inter-agency and inter-sectoral linkages and collaboration for coordination and participation in collective decision making.

Assessment of the three year 2002-2004 operation of all sectoral committees of the RDC revealed the need to further strengthen its role as a deliberative forum and to further streamline its membership and functions according to the five major development concerns namely: macro-intersectoral development, economic development, social development, infrastructure/utilities development and politico-administrative and security concerns.

In view of this, the RDC during its meeting on August 19, 2004 approved the reorganization of the various sectoral committees to make it more responsive to its operational activities in regional development in the newly reconstituted Region. On September 2, 2004, the RSDC XII was reorganized after the reorganization of the RDC XII. The reorganization was effected in order to ensure that the RSDC structure will be responsive to the demands of the development thrusts and directions of the government and the newly reconfigured Region.

On August 8, 2007, RDC XII was reorganized considering that the term of its officers and that of the Private Sector Representatives (PSRs) have expired on June 30, 2007. The RDC reorganization process took off with the selection of PSRs to RDC in July 2007. After the reorganizational meeting, the sectoral committees were reorganized to implement the decision of the Council to actively engage the Local Chief Executives (LCEs) and PSRs in steering sectoral committee activities. The Officers of the Sectoral Committees are now composed of the Chairperson, Co-Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, respectively. The positions of Chairperson and Co-Chairperson are selected from the PSRs and LCEs respectively. The Vice-Chairperson is elected from the Regional Directors (RDs) of regular members of RDC.

With this reorganization, RSDC XII continues to be one of the working committees of the Council that coordinates plan and policy formulation, investment programming and budgeting, communication and advocacy, and program/project monitoring and evaluation, and RDC-related activities of the social development sector.