The Economic Development Committee (EDC) is one of the four sectoral committees under the Regional Development Council (RDC) XII. The Committee is responsible in providing the Council with appropriate information and recommendations on matters concerning regional development, particularly in the following areas: Agriculture and Fisheries; Environement and Natural Resources and Mining; Agrarian Reform; Science and Technology, Trade, Industry and Tourism.

I. Functions

  1. Review and endorse programs/projects of national government agencies and LGUs in the region to the Council requiring nationa government financial exposure which may come in the form of guarantees, national government budget appropriations or subisdies,among others.
  2. Integrate sectoral information and statistics in the preparation of the annual regional development report.
  3. Assist the Council in the translation of national development goals and policies into specific regional sectoral objectives.
  4. Integrate sectoral plans and programs of local government units into regional sectoral plans and programs and coordinate all sectoral planning and programming activities of sectoral line agencies in the region.
  5. Perform other related functions as may be assigned by the Council.
  6. Facilitate Council decisions/resolutions.


II. Officials and Members






III. Meetings


The EDC shall meet once every quarter, preferably prior to the conduct of the regular quarterly meeting of RDC XII. However, the Chairperson of the Committeee may convene special meetings for specific purposes, as may be deemed necessary.


One-fourth plus one (1/4 + 1) of the total members of EDC shall constitute a quorum.

Presiding Officer

The Chairperson of the EDC shall preside over Committee Meetings. The Co-Chairperson may act as the presiding officer in the absence of the Chairperson. The Vice-Chairperson may act as the presiding officer in the absence of both the Chairperson and Co-Chairperson.

Designation of Representatives

Representatives duly designated by Regional Directors or agency heads to attend Committee meetings in their behalf should have the rank of Assistant Regional Director, or should at least have a rank equivalent to a Division Chief.

For LGUs, the LCE may designate his/her permanent and alternate representatives to the Committee who is duly authorized to decide for and in his/her behalf.

Hosting of Meetings

The hosting of regular meetings shall be rotated among members of the EDC. Any agency requesting for a special meeting to tackle urgent issues and concerns is expected to host/sponsor the conduct of the said meeting.

IV. Concerns/Issues for Appropriate Action of EDC

All issues/concerns, including project proposals, for presentation to the EDC must first undergo a process of consultation with concerned local government unit(s) and other affected bodies/entities. A proof of such consultation would be in the form of LGU endorsement to RDC and other appropriate body for their consideration and corresponding appropriate action.


V. Secretariat

NEDA XII, particularly the Economic Sector Team shall act as the Technical Secretariat of the Committee