[heading top=”10″ bottom=”10″ size=”1″]RDC XII Accomplishments[/heading]

The accomplishments of the Regional Development Council (RDC) XII during the period essentially covered those under its mandate, such as the reorganization of the Council; the finalization of the updated SOCCSKSARGEN Regional Development Plan (RDP), the Regional Development Investment Program (RDIP) and the Regional Results Matrix (RRM); evaluation of project proposals; packaging of the 2015 Annual Investment Program, review and consultation of annual budget proposals; addressing project implementation issues; the conduct of regular and special meetings of the Full Council, Executive Committee, Advisory Committee, Sectoral Committees, and Affiliate Committees; technical assistance to LGUs; and coordination of policy review and formulation. [accordions active=”-1″] [accordion title=”A. REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLANNING”] RDC XII launched the Updated SOCCSKSARGEN Regional Development Plan, 2013-2016, and its companion documents, namely, the Regional Development Investment Program (RDIP), 2014-2016 and the Regional Results Matrices (RRM), on 13 February 2014 in Koronadal City, South Cotabato. NEDA Deputy Director-General (DDG) Margarita R. Songco, South Cotabato Governor Daisy P. Avance-Fuentes, and the officials of the Monitoring and Evaluation Staff and the Regional Offices of NEDA graced the event.

DDG Songco congratulated the RDC XII for spearheading the updating of the RDP and continued leadership in coordinating development efforts in the region. She stressed the importance of updating the RDP, which was undertaken parallel with the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) updating. She said that the RDP provides the regional dimension of the PDP. She enjoined the participants to support the activities of RDC XII.

NEDA XII Regional Director Arturo G. Valero, RDC XII Acting Chairperson, who welcomed the guests and the region’s stakeholders, said that the launching aims to inform the region’s stakeholders and the general public that SOCCSKSARGEN’s blueprints for development for the next three years are now ready for implementation.

Mr. Alfredo Bronx P. Hebrona, Jr. of the Mindanao Trade Development and Competitiveness Center, representing the private sector, and Governor Avance-Fuentes, representing the government, expressed support to the implementation of the RDP through their respective initiatives. They sealed their expression of support by affixing their signatures on the displayed RDP tarpaulin. Subsequently, all the other guests also affixed their signatures on the tarpaulin.

A total of 175 RDC XII members, officials and representatives of the different regional line agencies, state universities and colleges, private higher education institutions, non-governmental organizations and members of media attended the activity. [/accordion] [accordion title=”B. INVESTMENT PROGRAMMING AND BUDGETING”] b.1. The Annual Investment Program (AIP), CY 2015

The updated RDIP, 2013-2016 was the main reference in the packaging of the 2015 AIP by culling out the 2015 slice of the RDIP. The same was used as reference in the review and consultation on the major programs and projects of RLAs.

b.2. RDC XII Budget Review and Consultation

In consonance with RDC’s mandate as provided for in EO No. 325, Series of 1996, and in compliance with National Budget Memorandum No. 119 dated 27 December 2013 and National Budget Memorandum No. 120 issued on 06 January 2014, the RDC XII Executive Committee (ExCom) conducted a pre-Budget Consultation and Review Meeting on 17 February 2014 and a five-day budget review/consultation on the budget proposals for CY 2015 of 31 regional line agencies seven (7) government owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) and five (5) state universities and colleges (SUCs) on February 17-21 and 28, 2014 in Koronadal City.

The RDC XII budget review panel are composed of the following: RDC XII Chairperson, Committee Chairpersons (4), Committee Co-Chairpersons (4) and the Regional Directors of DBM and DILG. To ensure that LGU priority proposals are included in the budgets of RLAs, the 4 provinces and 5 cities of the region are invited to the consultation/review. Others invited to join the review are the congresspersons of Region XII, the NSCB representative and a representative from the OP-PMS XII.

After a thorough deliberation on the FY 2015 proposals, the RDC XII ExCom favorably endorsed the budget proposals on priority programs/projects/activities (PPAs) which amounted to P56.98 billion pesos. These PPAs were found to be supportive of the Social Contract of the President and the priority thrusts enunciated in the Updated Philippine Development Plan (PDP) and the Updated SOCCSKSARGEN Regional Development Plan and its Investment Program, and in particular, the CY 2015 Annual Investment Program (AIP).

Eighteen (18) RLAs included proposals for the construction of office buildings in Koronadal City in compliance to EO 304, Series of 2004, which designated Koronadal City as the Administrative Seat of the SOCCSKSARGEN Region.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”C. PROJECT MONITORING AND EVALUATION”] The Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RPMC), as the monitoring arm of Regional Development Council, is mandated to monitor all development projects undertaken by government agencies, LGUs, SUCs, and GOCCs and prepare consolidated report on findings and recommendations to facilitate and expedite project implementation.

c.1 Field Monitoring Visits
A total of 87 projects were monitored during the period, as shown in the table below:

Field Monitoring Visits

c.2 RPMC Meetings/Problem-Solving Sessions (PSS)

The RPMC conducted four (4) regular meetings, together with PSS, during the period. The following is the matrix of meetings with the corresponding major agenda discussed, to wit:

RPMC Meetings/Problem-Solving Sessions[/accordion] [accordion title=”D. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE TO LGUs AND REGIONAL BODIES”] d.1 Enhancement of the Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plans (PDPFPs)

In the pursuit of the targets of the Regional Development Plan (RDP), 2011-2016 for the completion of DRR/CCA-enhanced PDPFPs, the Provinces of Cotabato, Sarangani, South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat were provided with technical assistance on the methodologies of Disaster Risk Assessment / Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (DRA/CCVA), Geographic Information System (GIS) Hazard and Exposure Mapping, and the mainstreaming of DRR/CCA concepts in the PDPFPs.

Through the TA provided by the NEDA XII Regional Core Team (RCT) for the period August to December 2013, the Provincial Core Teams (PCTs) of Cotabato Province and South Cotabato were able to complete their respective PDPFPs.

The DRR/CCA-enhanced PDPFP of South Cotabato was presented to the Provincial Development Council (PDC) on 04 December 2014. During that occasion, NEDA XII presented Governor Daisy P. Avance-Fuentes with a Certificate of Appreciation for the Provincial Government’s full support and cooperation to the activities of the PCT and the Integrating DRR/CCA Project as a whole. A Certificate of Recognition was also presented to the PCT, headed by OIC-PPDC Abner H. Navarro, for the exemplary performance and utmost dedication in preparing the DRA/CCVA Reports and DRR/CCA-enhanced PDPFP.

On 11 December 2013, the PCT of Cotabato Province submitted to Governor Emmylou J. Taliño-Mendoza its DRA/CCVA Reports and DRR/CCA-enhanced PDPFP, 2013-2019. Governor Mendoza expressed her gratitude to NEDA XII RD Arturo G. Valero and the RCT for assisting the province in the generation of the plan documents. RD Valero acknowledged the provincial government’s commitment in delivering the outputs and awarded a Certificate of Recognition to Governor Mendoza. The efforts of the members of the PCT of Cotabato Province chaired by OIC-PPDC Ulysses C. Quinto were also duly acknowledged through a Certificate of Recognition.

By end of December 2013, Governors Avance-Fuentes and Mendoza accepted and endorsed the DRA/CCVA Reports and DRR/CCA-enhanced PDPFPs which was formulated by their respective PCTs. The acceptance and endorsement signalled the 100 percent completion/delivery of project outputs which was the commitment of the Provincial Government of Cotabato and South Cotabato under the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed with NEDA XII.

Meanwhile, as of 31 December 2013, the PCT of Sultan Kudarat has submitted the PPDC-endorsed DRA/CCVA Reports. The DRR/CCA-enhanced PDPFP, 2014-2020 is expected to be completed by end of January 2014.

As for the Sarangani Province, the DRA/CCVA Reports and DRR/CCA-enhanced PDPFP were committed to be submitted before the end of the first quarter of 2014.

d.2 Regional Contingency Plan for Flooding

As Vice-Chair of the Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (RDRRMC), NEDA XII provided assistance in the formulation of the Regional Contingency Plan for Flooding. Preliminary activities were undertaken to generate the said planning document which is critical in preparing the region in addressing the adverse impact of flooding to human lives and economic activities. [/accordion] [accordion title=”E. POLICY REVIEW AND FORMULATION”] RDC XII passed resolutions requiring policy recommendations and/or support. These resolutions and their corresponding updates are as follows:

RDC XII Resolutions[/accordion] [accordion title=”F. RDC OPERATIONS”] f.1 RDC XII Reorganization

Being an election year, 2013 was a reorganizational year for RDCs. RDC XII reorganization activities included the following:

Selection of Private Sector Representatives

RDC XII reorganization commenced with the selection of thirteen (13) private sector representatives who will serve as its regular members for the term 2013-2016. These representatives were sworn in on Aug. 14, 2013 during the RDC XII Reorganizational Meeting, by Judge Renato V. Tampac of the Regional Trial Court Branch 25.

Nomination for the RDC XII Chairperson and Co-chairperson

After confirming the membership of the PSRs, the Council selected its nominees for Chairperson and Co-chairperson for appointment by the President. The Council, nominated three (3) LCEs and three (3) PSRs, namely: Gov. Emmylou J. Taliño-Mendoza of Cotabato Province, Mayor Lina O. Montilla of Tacurong City, and Gov. Daisy P. Avance-Fuentes of South Cotabato, for nominees from the LCEs. From among the PSRs, those nominated were: Mr. Raymund K. Salangsang, Mr. Erwin Anthony Garcia, and Mr. Ramon N. Floresta. The names of nominees together with the RDC XII resolution on their nomination and the required certifications/documents were forwarded to NEDA Central Office for submission to the Office of the President.

Sectoral Committee Reorganization On August 28, 2013, simultaneous meetings of the RDC XII sectoral committees were conducted at the Farm@Carpenter Hill, Koronadal City, primarily to reorganize them. After firming up their membership, the sectoral committees selected the following officials, to wit:


Confirmation of Special Non-Voting Members (SNVMs)

Due to their critical roles on regional development, special non-voting members (SNVM) were added to the RDC XII membership. These members are as follows: Mines and Geosciences Bureau; Commission on Population XII; PhilHealth XII; National Irrigation Authority XII; Ret. Col. Celestino F. Desamito, Jr., Office of Senior Citizens Affairs of Koronadal City; Environmental Management Bureau; National Youth Commission (NYC); and the National Nutrition Council XII.

The RDC XII Full Council confirmed the SNVMs during its 4th quarter regular meeting on November 28, 2013 at Del Rio Splash Resort, Koronadal City.

Reorganization of the Advisory Committee

The RDC XII-Advisory Committee (RDC XII-AdCom) Reorganizational Meeting was held on 14 January, 2014 at the Farm@Carpenter Hill, Koronadal City with RD Arturo G. Valero, Acting RDC XII Chairperson, presiding.

RDC XII-AdCom is composed of the nine (9) congresspersons of Region XII and the Executive Committee (ExCom) members of RDC XII. ExCom, which comprises ¼ of the duly constituted membership of the Council, is composed of the RDC XII Chairperson and Co-Chairperson who are appointed by the President of the Philippines, Vice Chairperson Arturo G. Valero who is the regional director of NEDA XII, and the sectoral committee chairpersons namely: Alfredo Bronx P. Hebrona, Jr. of the Infrastructure and Utilities Development Committee (InfraCom), Richlie Lyndon L. Magtulis of the Regional Social Development Committee (RSDC), Rolando S. Doria of the Economic Development Committee (EDC) and Darlene Magnolia R. Antonino-Custodio of the Macro-Economy Development, Administration and Finance Committee (MEDAFC). Other members were the co-chairpersons of the sectoral committees and the regional directors of DBM XII and DILG XII, namely: Mayor Ronnel C. Rivera of the InfraCom, Gov. Daisy P. Avance-Fuentes of RSDC, Mayor Peter B. Miguel, EDC and Mayor Lina O. Montilla of MEDAFC; and RD Alikhan Marohombsar of DBM XII; and RD Reynaldo S. Bungubung of DILG XII.

Congresspersons present were: Ferdinand L. Hernandez of the 2nd district of South Cotabato, Pedro B. Acharon, Jr. of the 1st district of South Cotabato, Nancy A. Catamco of the 2nd district of North Cotabato, Atty. Noel Tiampong representing Cong. Bai Sandra A. Sema of the 1st district of Maguindanao and Cotabato City, and Mr. Joseph Johnel J. Aguilar, representing Cong. Emmanuel D. Pacquiao of the lone district of Sarangani.

RDC XII-AdCom advises, assists, and supports the RDC in the following: (a) preparation of the Regional Development Plan (RDP) and the Regional Investment Program (RDIP) and their implementation; (b) preparation of annual budget proposals of regional line agencies and state universities and colleges; and (c) generation of policy recommendations that need legislation and/or action of the President or the Cabinet.

On behalf of the congresspersons, Cong. Hernandez expressed support for the Updated Regional Development Plan and hoped that the document would be something they can all work on “despite personal differences and political affiliations.” He emphasized the need for sustained collaboration of efforts in order to make efficient the use of government resources, “…development should be institutionalized…let us collaborate and work closer together for development,” he said, “so that the use of government resources can be optimized, more so at this time, that the pork barrel funds have been abolished and the probability that the Supreme Court will also declare the development assistance fund (DAF) unconstitutional.” The Congresspersons agreed to synchronize their priorities with the regional development.

f.2 Meetings

RDC XII Full Council The Council conducted four (4) quarterly meetings during the period, viz.: August 14, 2013 which was also a reorganizational meeting, on November 28, 2013, March 5, 2014 and on June 25, 2014. It passed a total of 100 resolutions which were forwarded to all concerned agencies/bodies for appropriate action and information. It also tracked the actions taken on these resolutions.

RDC XII Executive, Advisory, Sectoral and Affiliate Committees

The RDC XII Sectoral and Affiliate Committees conducted the following meetings, as shown below.

RDC XII Committee Meetings

f.3 RDC Week Celebration

The CY 2013 RDC Week celebration was a display of support and cooperation among the members of the Council. This year’s celebration aims to achieve the following objectives: a) improve RDC XII efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out its mandated functions through strengthening linkages and partnerships among its members; b) increase the awareness on the region’s updated plan, investment program and priority programs and projects; and c) generate support to the development of the tourism industry of the region.

The celebration opened with a fun walk/run in Koronadal City early morning of September 23, followed by hataw exercises and fellowship breakfast. Thereafter, a sportsfest was conducted and participated in by the technical staff of member agencies and LGUs.

Simultaneous with its sports fest, RDC XII conducted a press conference participated in by media organizations, namely: RMN-DXKR Koronadal, SEBC-DXKI, Bombo Radyo, Philippines News Agency, Brigada, Punto Newspaper, Southern Recorder, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philstar, and the Public Information Offices of South Cotabato and DENR XII.

The celebration culminated with the Regional Tourism Summit spearheaded by the Department of Tourism XII on September 27, 2013 in General Santos City. [/accordion] [/accordions]