The Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RPMC) XII is the project monitoring arm of Regional Development Council (RDC) XII. RPMC was created by virtue EO 376 Establishing the RPMES and for Other Purposes.

RPMC XII is responsible for the monitoring and avaluation of priority programs and projects implemented in the region, particularly those that are encountering implementation bottlenecks and those projects that are worthy for replication; and, forward monitoring reports and recommendaations generated during the Problem-Solving Sessions to RDC XII for information and appropriate action.

The Regional Project Monitoring and Evaluation System (RPMES)

Legal Basis:

EO 376 (s. 1989):  Establishing the RPMES and for Other Purposes EO 93 (s. 1993) : Establishes the National Project Monitoring Committee (NPMC) to oversee the implementation of RPMES and authorizes these, from time to time, to update and make revisions to the Manual Operations implementing RPMES MC 1-94 (s. July 1994): Adoption of the RPMES Manual of Operations Implementing Provisions of EO 93

Coverage of MC 1-94:

– coordinators of RPMES at the national, regional, provincial, city and municipal
– monitors (members of various PMCs)
– project implementers (RLAs, LGUs, GOCCs)


RPMES primarily aims to facilitate project implementation, devolve project facilitation, problem-solving, monitoring and evaluation to the regional, provincial/city and municipal levels


All development projects undertaken by Gas, LGUs, SUCs, GOCCs at the regional, provincial/city, municipal levels during a fiscal year, inclusive of backlogs from previous fiscal years.

Development Projects are:

– Capital-forming and contributing directly to the country’s productive capacity
– Pre-investment studies, R&D, and institutional development activities
– “pro-poor” and other similar projects under the supervision of the President thru the PMC and other Cabinet officers
– Funded by NG, ODA, LGU


National PMC
NEDA DDG –  Chairperson
DBM USec  –  Co-Chairperson
Office of the3 President-Presidential Management Staff (OP-PMS) Head –  Member
DILG USec  –  Member

Regional Project Monitoring Committee
NEDA RD –  Chairperson
DBM RD  –  Co-Chairperson
DILG RD  –  Member
PMS RTL –  Member
1 RDC PSR –  Member
2 NGO representatives –  Members
NEDA Regional Office – Secretariat