1. Coordinate the preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of short and long-term regional development plans and investment programs, regional physical and special development plans, including the formulation of policy recommendations;
  2. Integrate approved development plans of provinces and cities, line agencies, state universities and colleges, government owned and controlled corporations and special development authorities in the region into the regional development plan;
  3. Review, prioritize, and endorse to the national government the annual and multi-year sectoral investment programs of the region for funding and implementation;
  4. Review and endorse to the national government the annual budgets of agency regional offices, state colleges and universities and special development authorities;
  5. Promote and direct the inflow and allocation of private investments in the region to support regional development objectives, policies and strategies;
  6. Review and endorse national plans, programs and projects proposed for implementation in the regions;
  7. As required by the Investment Coordinating Committee (ICC), review and endorse projects of national government agencies that have impact on the region and projects of LGUs requiring national government financial exposure which may  come  in  the  form of guarantees, national government budget appropriations or subsidies, among others.

    The Council shall complete its review and forward its recommendation/s through a resolution to ICC within sixty (60) days from the submission of sectoral programs/projects to the Council.  Proponent agencies/LGUs shall coordinate with the Council at the early stage of project development, preferably at the identification of feasibility study (FS) preparation stage, and shall have made available the necessary requirements requested by the Council by the time the program is submitted for review.  Failure of the Council to submit its recommendations within the period aforestated shall be deemed equivalent to an approval of the particular program/project.

  8. Initiate and coordinate the development, funding and implementation of regional and special development projects such as those involving several agencies or LGUs;
  9. Coordinate the monitoring and evaluation of development projects undertaken by government agencies, local government units, state colleges and universities, government-owned and/or controlled corporations and special development authorities in the region; and
  10. Perform other related functions and activities as may be necessary to promote and sustain the socio-economic development in the region, e.g.,
  • Assist local government units, when so requested, in the preparation of local development plans and programs and in fulfilling the requirements for evaluation of local government projects to be requested for official development assistance (ODA) financing; and,
  • Provide capability building assistance to local  government officials and staff, when so requested, in the areas of local governance, fiscal administration and project development and management.